See now, buy now: Immediate Shopping

In an age in which we have immediate access to everything, it is no surprise luxury brands have decided to follow this trend. In recent years, brands like Burberry and Tommy Hilfiger have ventured into the trend of making their products available immediately after the runway show. This new practice is called see now, buy now. As the name suggests, this particular phenomenon allows consumers to buy products online and in-store immediately after they are presented.


See now, buy now has not only decrease the times of production, but it has also changed the fashion calendar. Typically, buyers wait until the show to see the collection, and then visit the showroom to place their orders. Burberry changed the whole dynamic by creating showrooms and allowing buyers to view the collection and place orders before the debut.

Brands have decided to venture into this new approach because of several reasons. A main reason is that it decreases the chances of fast fashion houses imitating the new styles and selling them within a few weeks. Additionally, it allows brands to keep up with the high demands of their consumers.


Via BoF- The Business of Fashion


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