The Art Of Storytelling

Luxury brands provoke a sense of dream and storytelling through their advertising campaigns. It has become more and more common to see behind the scene videos or the making of a product. For example Tod’s, created a video on the inspiration behind their Tod’s Tattoo capsule collection.


The video does a fantastic job in showing the creation of the tattoo bag. Saira Hunjan, famous tattoo artist, is featured in the video as she draws the designs on leather. This video also enhance the Tod’s image by showing that their products are synonym of quality and expert craftsmanship. It also magnifies the idea of artisan production, which we commonly associate with luxury. I believe videos like are successful because many consumers are curious but about how luxury products are made, and this provides them with an insight.

Other luxury brands, such as Chanel, have decided to take a different approach on storytelling by focusing on their own heritage. Inside Chanel is a campaign, started in 2012, that focuses on the history of the house and Coco Chanel through a series of videos. The campaign is divided by chapters dedicated to relevant brand themes or iconic products like the jacket.


I especially enjoy the way in the Inside Chanel campaign were produced, because the focus is not only on the products. Instead Chanel takes us back and time and let us discover how the fashion house came to be. We are to able to understand and learn the inspiration behind several house symbols such as the camellia. Knowing the history behind each iconic product and symbol generates a sense of desire and aspiration on the viewers.


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